Saturday, 15 March 2014

The task of urban ism

task of urban ism is to organize the use of the land to suit the works of
man, which fall into three categories:
1. The unit of agricultural production;
2. The linear industrial city;
 3. The radio- concentric city of exchange (ideas, government, commerce). Urbanism is a science with three dimensions. Height is as important to it as the horizontal expanse.”
Richard Neutra wrote, “Giving shape to a community and moulding its activities is urban design. It deals with the dynamic features in space, but in time as well.” Walter Gropius wrote, “Good urban design represents that consistent effort to create imaginatively the living spaces of our urban surroundings.
urban design’s unique value stems from its vagueness
 In order to supersede today’s soul- destroying robotization, the modern urban designer’s exciting task is to satisfy all emotional and practical human needs by coordinating the dictates of nature, technique, and economy into beautiful habitat.” Sigfried Giedion wrote “poetically”: “Urban Design has to give visual form to the relationship between You and Me.” Again one thinks of Sert’s words: “a fog of amiable generalities.”
In this context, perhaps urban design’s unique value stems from its vagueness
or rather from its provision of an overarching framework that can bridge more specialized design efforts

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